Descending node Ascending node
Odd series Even series
#67 June21, 1982 Prince William #61 March20, 2015
#52 January08,1712 Saint Germain #46 October06,1744
#37 July18,1441 Jan Van Eyck #31 April16,1474
#22 Febuary06,1171 Fibonacci #16 November05,1203
#7 August27,900 Al-Khazin #1 May27,933

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This post was last modified on 1-1-2013and still incomplete, and some items are out of order.

I will try to be adding a couple maps of the world with the long. and lat. of the greatest eclipse of all ten of these listed above so I can better explain the importance of what is taking place with these eclipse and how saros 117 and 120 are connected to one another. Things such as the Ourobours and the term “as above so below” really come into play with these ten eclipse when you look at a map with the greatest eclipse points marked on it, with a line drawn from the first one of saros117 (#7) to (#22) to (#37) to (#52) to (#67) and doing the same thing for Saros 120. What you end up with is the dragon’s tail returning to the head symbolically speaking, on March20, 2015. All these greatest eclipse Lat. and Long. Can be found at the NASA web site.

If you plot out these greatest eclipse points on a world map starting with the birth of Al-Khazin on August27,900 and then going to the birth of Fibonacci on Febuary06,1171 and concluding with Prince William on June6,1982, then drawing a line starting with the greatest eclipse point of August27,900 down through the rest of them to Prince Williams greatest eclipse point on 6-21-1982 there would be a total of five marks on the map at this point, these are the births of last four heads of the Dragon and the last one is the eight(Rev17:11) and is prince William. Saros 117 is the descending node eclipse or Draconis Caput

Saros120 is the Tail of the Dragon or Draconis Cauda or ascending node and is the return, and marking on a map just as described on Saros117 will result in an almost mirror image of Saros117. Technically you cannot include the Saros 120 March20, 2015 eclipse to any map as its still in the future but you can be sure when it comes it will be around the time of the Abomination of Desolation as this one is directly related to the Antichrist/Red Dragon, and when you see this pattern start to emerge it’s not difficult to discern were about the greatest eclipse will take place on March20, 2015 even without knowing the Lat. and Long. of this eclipse. The first eclipse of saros 117 related to the Dragon is the one of Al-Khazin on August27, 900 which could be called a beginning and the one on March20, 2015 that is connected to Prince William could be called an ending. The location of the greatest part of these two is worth noting as they straddle Iceland.

One of the reason I find the location of the August27, 900 and March20, 2015 eclipses interesting is when you look at the Global visibility of the transit of Venus of 2012 June 05/06 you will see there is what is call by NASA, Region x . Region X forms a small triangular shape that encompasses Iceland and both the August27, 900 and March20, 2015 eclipses of the Dragon/ Saros 117/120. At Region x, both the beginning and end of transit are visible according to NASA, but what they don’t tell you is both the beginning and

the ending eclipses of the Dragon in Saros 117/120 can be found inside this very small triangular window of visibility as well.

In Region Y, the beginning and the end are not visible, but the Sun rises for a short period of time around maximum transit. What is interesting here is, inside region Y can be found the first rising eclipse or ascending node eclipse of Saros 120 on May27, 933 this one is Al-Khazins Draconis Cauda . It also appears that the April29, 2014 eclipse during the lunar tetrad falls inside this small triangular window.

The location of region “x” and “Y” during the Venus transit on June 5/6 of 2012 and what is happening inside of these very small triangular windows is in direct correlation with what is happening or has happened with the eclipse of the Dragon, in particular Saros 117/120, they have exactly the same meaning.

I believe the vast majority of people including myself fail to understand the extent of which God has used the Sun and Moon and Stars as signs for us.

The time between the birth of Prince William on 6-21-1982 until March20, 2015 is 11960 days and again is the same time period for all of them that is to say they receive there tail or become ascended or posed by Satan at their Saros 120 eclipse.

In 1982 there were 7 eclipses which is the maximum there can be in any given year, the next time this will happen is around 2094. Excluding the Penumbral lunar eclipse this will happen on average eight times over the course of a 503year period. Of the eight times this has happened over the course of 503years there was only one solar eclipse that took place on the summer solstice and that was in 1982. All three lunar eclipses that took place in the calendar of year 1982 where total eclipses which alone is very rare.

An even rarer occurrence than the seven eclipses that took place in 1982 was the planetary alignment that started on January 24 through April24 and peaked on March10, 1982 in fact there were people who believed this period to be some kind of dooms day. All the planets where on the same side of the sun during this time period, which I understand happens about every 180years.

When you take into consideration the seven eclipses and the fact that all three lunar eclipses were total eclipses and the planetary alignment that happened in 1982 there is no mistaking that God defiantly marked this year.

From the rebirth of Israel on 5-14-1948 until Tabernacles on September28, 2015 is 24608 days and if you divide 24608 in half you get 12304 days. Then adding 12304days to 5-14-1948 would give you the halfway mark between these two events which is January20, 1982. The halfway point of Diana’s pregnancy with her first born son would have been about Febuary04, 1982, there is a difference of approximately 15days difference between the halfway mark of both events. There is also a 15day difference between Rosh Hashanah and Tabernacles.

I find it interesting that a civilization such as the Mayans who were still throwing spears and blowing darts the time the Spanish came, yet by just looking at the stars they were able to come up with such a precise calendar system, and amazing knowledge of the stars and planets. The first clue here of why would be they have Serpents carved into everything. Secondly, why did the Mayans have such an interest in this space of time of 11960 days after all this is exactly the space of time between June21, 1982 to March20, 2015.

Is it possible the Mayans were given this knowledge?

If “Ptolemy” was the first head of the Dragon is it possible he (serpent) gave this knowledge to the Mayans?

Why have the descending and ascending nodes been given titles connected to a dragon?

I believe the hype around 12-21-2012 and the Mayan calendar is just a distraction from what is really taking place. As this could be the start of the 1260 days, but more likely around the 23rd thru 28th of December 2012.

The Dresden Codex covers some of this material as 405 lunation’s of 29.53 day-lengths is 11960days, in which this period of 11960days apparently was held in high regard to the Mayans. This period of 11960days between eclipses of the dragon is called a Triple Tritos and is also 46 complete Tzolkin cycles as 46*270=11960 The Mayans had Images of serpents carved into everything had Knowledge of the stars beyond what they should, had an understanding of the time period of 11960days which just happens to be the time Between Prince Williams birth and March20,2015, both events on solar eclipses one on a solstice and the other on an equinox his conception was on a equinox and in the fall of 2015 on Yom Kippur it just happens to mark 33years 3 full months 3days since his birth which can be written as April3,33years which just happens to be the predominate date for the death of Jesus Christ, and because of the meaning of his father’s name he could be called the son of man, and because of all that has been written about Diana being a virgin, it could be said he was born of a virgin, and as it so happens he is already saving people but yet during the Royal wedding sermon Richard Chartres told him to be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire, which is ironic because in Rev13:13 that is what is happening. How can you save people and set the world on fire? Maybe if you are the false messiah? Nearly everything Richard Chartres said during his sermon at this wedding sounded like doctored up version of a New Age Prayer off of Share International website, which in itself is ironic because Benjamin Cream who heads up Share International said back in 1982 that the “Christ” or anointed one is now here and even said it would happen on June21, 1982. It’s clear to me that Benjamin Cream worships Lucifer and so what does that say about Richard Chartres. There is no difference between Richard Chartres saying at the Royal wedding “Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire” and Benjamin Cream saying that on June21, 1982 the Christ is now here but never give a real name to this person. Most people dismissed what Benjamin Cream wrote and said about 6-21-1982 as having never transpired. If you look through the smoke that both of these men are blow and the cryptic language you will hear what they are talking about.

Share international and Mr. Cream talk about a day of declaration in which this Myaritay or “Christ” will declare who he is. My guess here is this day of declaration is otherwise known as the Abomination of Desolation spoken of in the Bible. And if I had to guess when this would take place I would say between March20, 2015 and April4, 2015.

At the March20, 2015 eclipse I would say this is the Fifth triumph (Rev9) and the fifth vial (Rev16:10) as the vial is poured upon the seat of the beast and his kingdom was full of darkness, i.e. Total solar eclipse, which is what is happening on the March20, 2015 eclipse as well it covers much of the old Roman Empire. I would go so far as to say that the solar and lunar eclipse of 2014, 2015 could be markers for the different seals, triumphs, vials.

It’s also worth noting that during the Lunar Tetrad of 2014-2015 the solar eclipse on April29, 2014 and the one on Rosh Hashanah September13, 2015 seem to be markers or wittiness in a scene when there greatest eclipse are mapped out along with the eclipses of the dragon, as the first solar eclipse of the Tetrad on of April29, 2014 takes a position next to the first ascending node of the saros 120 eclipse of Al-Kazin on May27, 933A.D. And the last solar eclipse of the Tetrad on Rosh Hashanah on September13, 2015 takes a position next to the last descending node eclipse of saros117 which was on June21, 1982 Prince Williams birthday. The solar eclipse on march20, 2015 is directly related to Prince William and completes the 11960 days or great Mayan eclipse cycle or Triple Tritos and symbolically the tail is returning to the head. And the solar eclipse on October8, 2014 during the lunar Tetrad takes a position close to the birth eclipse of Al-kazin on August27, 900 but no nearly as close as the April29 and September13 eclipses take to Prince William and the ascending node eclipse of Al-Kazin in 933A.D. What is interesting about this eclipse is what land mass or island the greatest point of this eclipse on October8 takes place on, as it falls on a large island in northern Canada called King William Island.

I am not including all the heads of the Red Dragon on this list, but just the ones I Know I can put a solar Eclipse to. As I stated on the other posts I do not fully understand if there are seven or eight Different demons or these people have been possessed by Satan. But what is clear is the influence they had on the Royalty they worked for or befriended, especially Fibonacci-Frederick holy German- Roman Emperor /Jan Van Eyck-Sigismund Holy German-Roman Emperor /Saint-Germain-Frederick Prince of Wales. Prince William is different than the rest, being that not only will he be on the royalty side of this partnership but he is also the beast that was, and is not, yet is of Rev17:11. He is the Eight!

On March20,2015 the Dragons tail eclipse of prince William, this might be when the Fifth angel sounds and the bottomless pit is opened and five months is given to them (demons) to hurt the people who do not have the seal of the living God on their forehead( Rev:9). Which would then take you to about the end of August of 2015; likewise I would then expect the Fall Feasts of God in 2015 to be the time believers should be looking for Jesus Messiah or the 2nd Advent

I can’t help but wonder about this plague of locust (demons) from Rev9:3 that lasts 5months as the traditional time of the Locust seems to fit within this time frame of Passover to the fall feasts in 2015, You have the solar and lunar eclipses on March20, 2015 and Passover on April4, 2015 and it would be at this time I would expect the Abomination of desolation to take place and the start of the Locust(demonic) Army that lasts five months and conclude just prior to the 2nd Advent probably on Yom Kippur in 2015 which is surrounded by a solar and lunar eclipse “Blood Moon”. Also June 21 of 2015 would then be in the Middle of this 5month period and Prince Williams 33rd birthday. You will see later in this post if you subtract 33years which is also the year of the Lords crucifixion from 1948 and do the math from Daniel12:11 it takes you to 1981.8 which would be as close to September21, 1981(conception of Prince William) as you can get without a decimal place being used in 1290 and 1335 and give you the answer to when the set up took place, in which 1948years is 1290 days and the answer to the 1335days is June6,2016(I will elaborate more on this date latter in the post). One thing that’s interesting here is when you subtract 33years from 1948 you get 1915 and in this year there was a major Locust plague that hit Palestine/Jerusalem from April to October of that year, and 100years later in 2015 during the same timeframe there will be another plague of Locust but these will have the faces of men and power will be given to them for 5months to hurt people that do not have the Seal Of God or the Word in their minds or in other words the truth.I would even say that the reason this demonic army is connected with locust in the Bible is to let us know the time frame in which they will be here, that is Between the spring and fall feast in 2015. I would also say the plague of locust that hit Jerusalem or Palestine in 1915 is a type of warning or foreshadowing from God.

The most substantial or predominate theory on the date of the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ is April3, 33AD. And as I understand it Yom Kippur or the Day of Atonement in 2015 starts at sunset Wednesday the 23rd and runs until nightfall on the 24th and it is some time during Yom Kippur that some, including myself expect the Return of the Lord Jesus . Prince William was born on 6-21-1982 and from his birthday until September24th of 2015 during Yom Kippur a total of 33years 3 full months and 3days will have eclipsed which is an exact parallel to the date of the crucifixion and death of the Lord Jesus Christ as April3,33AD is 33years 3 full months and 3days.

If then Jesus died on April3, 33AD then from that time until September24, 2015 on Yom Kippur a total of 1982 years 5 full months and 21 days which can be written as June21, 1982 will have eclipsed which is Prince Williams birthday, so everything I have written about adding the Mirror image of 6-21-1982 (4680864) together could be related to the dispensation of time related the Crucifixion of Jesus and his return. As well as multiplying 6*2*1*1*9*8*2=1728, then 864+864=1728.

This is where things get a little confusing for me, the April3, 33AD. Date for the crucifixion and death of Jesus seems to fit, especially in light of what is taking place on March20, 2015 and April4, 2015 and how it is tied with dates that surround Prince William and Jesus Christ, from the prospective of a time frame and who Jesus is and who Prince William is. On April3, 33AD (Passover) there was a lunar eclipse and on Passover on April4, 2015 there is a lunar eclipse. Fifteen days before the April4, 2015 lunar eclipse there is a total solar eclipse on March20 and fifteen days before the April3, 33AD. Lunar eclipse there was a solar eclipse on March19, 33AD. Which is saros 59#47. And I ‘am sure you can see were this is going, Prince William was born on a solar eclipse on 6-21-1982 and the time frame between 6-21-1982 and the lunar eclipse on Passover April4, 2015 is 11975days and going back in time from the most predominate date of the death of Jesus April3, 33AD 11975days takes you to June20, 0000 and wouldn’t you know it there was a solar eclipse on that day which is saros 59 eclipse 47

There is so many similarity’s here it’s almost unbelievable, but yet they are opposites just for another example of opposites Jesus was born in a stable to a poor family, Prince William was born into one of the most wealthiest family’s on earth and lived in a castle. The solar eclipse on 6-21-1982 happened on the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere but the eclipse took place in the southern hemisphere at a lat. of 65.9 south. The eclipse on June20, 0000 took place on the summer solstice and the northern hemisphere at a lat. of 66.1 north. There is only a difference of .2 degrees lat. between them, yes that is .2 degrees except one takes place in the northern hemisphere and one in the south. The same can be said of the lat. of these two eclipses but not quite as dramatic, in fact they are almost completely opposite events geographically and in other way. There is a lot of information here to sort out, and part of why I am writing this post is there probably is someone else who has been called to understand the things I have written about and that in some way this will help them in there in endeavors and ultimately for the glory of God.

The solar and lunar eclipses that took place on 32AD, 33AD, 34AD are on nearly the same days as in 2014, 2015, and 2016 in most cases they are one day off. The same eclipse pattern that took place in 1981AD, 1982AD and 1983AD happened in 3BC, 2BC and 1BC. The eclipse pattern was nearly the same at the time of the birth of Jesus as it was when Prince William was born as well as other celestial markers that would indicate the year’s 3BC/2BC and 1981/1982 as being very significant.


This section on the birth of Jesus will be going on to its own post at a later date.

I ‘am just going to bring to light a few things about this date as being the birth of Jesus that other people have not written about. From September29, 2BC until November8, 2BC is 40days and it would have concluded the purification of Mary. November8, 2BC plus or minus 7days would have been when the Magi would have come to see Jesus and at this time would have been the decree of Herod and the flight into Egypt by joseph, Marry and Jesus. The decree of Herod was a time of tribulation for much of Judah/Israel, Joseph, Marry and Jesus. From November8, 2BC (decree of Herod) until the Eclipse of Herod on December29, 1BC is 1year 1week 3weeks or 416days. Herod is said to have died a short time after a lunar eclipse and it is my contention that the eclipse spoken of was on December29, 1BC and his death occurred on or about January14, 1AD. You could move the dates around a little and still come to the most important aspect of this period of tribulation as from the decree of Herod on November8, 2BC until his death on January 14, 1AD would be exactly 432days. There is a precedent for 432days being a time of tribulation. When Israel became a nation in one day on May14, 1948 they immediately went into a period of tribulation/war that lasted exactly 432days and concluded with an armistice with Syria. The first period of tribulation Jesus experienced lasted 432days and the first period of tribulation the nation of Israel experienced lasted 432days.

I believe the December 29th 1BC lunar eclipse is the one called the eclipse of Herod; however one could make a good case for the January 10th 1BC lunar eclipse as well.

Going back in time about nine months from September 29th 2BC would take you to about December25th 3BC and it would be approximately between the 21st thru the 25th of December of 3BC that the Lord Jesus Christ would have been conceived. There was a ton of celestial events taking place between December of 3BC to September of 2BC. Many people have written about them but I will not go into what’s already been written, but I will look at it from a different prospective. The planetary conjunction that took place on June17th 2BC was 104days before the proposed birth of Jesus on September29, 2BC , 103days after September 29th there was an lunar eclipse on January 10th 1BC. On March10, 1982 103days before the birth of Prince William all the planets were aligned on the same side of the sun. There was a lunar eclipse on July17 in 1981 66days before the proposed conception of Prince William, there was a lunar eclipse on july17 in 2BC 74days before the proposed birth date of Jesus. In 2016 on june5 there are lunar eclipses 74days on either side of June5. On the 5th of June 2016 there are solar eclipses 88days either side of June 5th the four eclipses that surround this date where on the same exact days as in 34AD. June5th 2016 is seven sets of seven years from the start of the six day war and the recapture of Jerusalem.

While September29, 2BC does not fall on an eclipse it does hit the 74day mark from the July 17th BC eclipse which can be the midpoint between eclipses and certainly is on either side of June5th 2016, apparently September 29th fell on the feast of trumpets which I would expect. From September29th 2BC until April 3rd 33AD is 12240 days.

If Jesus was born on September 29th 2BC then he would have been conceived around December 25th 3BC. If you add 12240 days to the birth of Prince William on June 21st 1982 it takes you to December 25th 2015 then likewise if you add the period of time from the proposed conception of Jesus on December 25th 3BC until April 3rd 33AD which is 12518 days to the birth of Prince William it would take you to September 29th 2016. From a time prospective if you ad April 3rd 33AD to June21st 1982 you get September 24th 2015 Yom Kippur.

If you take the September 29th 2016 anniversary date of the lords birth in 2BC and go backwards 1260days it takes you to April 18th 2013 which is the anniversary of Johns birth on

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Passover in 2BC and the Lords 3rd month 3rd week 3rd day in the womb of Marry.

The best as I can tell Passover in 2BC fell on April 18th there was a lunar eclipse on January 20th that year and the next lunar eclipse fell on July 17th.

If the lunar eclipses were on nearly identical days in 1981 as they were in 2BC, then it would seem to me that the feast days would be on nearly the identical days.

The April 18th 2BC /Passover date fell exactly in the middle of the two lunar eclipses on January 20th and July 20th, if Jesus was crucified on April3, 33AD than this date can be written as 3full months 3days 33years. The time between December 25th 3BC until Passover on April 18th 2BC is 3full months 3weeks 3days, Jesus would have been 3full months 3weeks 3days old in the womb of Marry at the first Passover since his conception and it just so happened to be the birthday of John. The January 20th 2BC and July 17th 2BC lunar eclipses that fell on the same exact days in 1981.

I suspect John the Baptist was conceived on the lunar eclipse on July 27th 3BC, and then going forward in time 5 prophetic months or 150days would take you to December 24th 3BC. By the account of Luke Elisabeth then would have hid herself or been in seclusion from July 27th 3BC until the five months or 150days expired which would then take you to December 24th 3BC and the very next day would be the start of the sixth month when Gabriel visited Marry on December 25th 3BC and at some point on the 25th of December 3BC after Gabriel visited Marry would have been when the Holy Spirit came unto Marry. December 25th 3BC would be the start of the sixth month of Elisabeth’s pregnancy had she conceived on the Lunar eclipse on July 27th 3BC. Marry stayed with Elisabeth for about three months from the time that started shortly after the proposed conception of Jesus on December 25th of 3BC. The three month period or a total of 8months since John’s conception on July 27th 3BC would have ended about March 27th 2BC a couple of weeks short of Passover and the birth of John and the start of the religious year. The period from the proposed conception of John on July 27th on a lunar eclipse to his birth on Passover April 18th 2BC is 265 days which is within the realm that is considered full term. The 265 days would have been a little short of average for the length of a pregnancy but still full term.

From the conception of John on July 27th 3BC on the lunar eclipse until the birth of John on Passover April 18th 2BC is 265days. From the anniversary of the Birth of the Jesus/son of man on September 29th/ Feasts of Trumpets in 1981 until the birth of the son of perdition on the solar eclipse of June 21st 1982 is 265days.

Eight days before the son of man celebrated his 1982nd birthday on September 29th 1981 the son of perdition was conceived.

What I ‘am proposing is Jesus Christ the savior to the world was conceived on December 25th 3BC was born on September 29th 2BC the Feast of Trumpets, was crucified for our sins on Passover April3, 33AD. And John the cousin of Jesus was conceived on the day of a lunar eclipse was born on Passover April 18th 2BC at the precise point and time that was exactly between the two lunar eclipses on January 20th 2BC and July 17th 2BC. The birth of john on Passover in 2BC came at the time when Jesus was 3full months 3weeks 3days old in the womb of Marry on Passover and died for our sins on Passover during a lunar eclipse at 33years 3full months 3days or April 3rd 33AD. What an amazing heavenly father we have!

Jesus was then 33years 6months 5days old when he was crucified.

Let me go back to the time frame from the conception from the conception of the Lord Jesus Christ on December 25th 3BC until his crucifixion on April 3rd 33AD. This period covers from conception to death 12518 days. 12518days added on to the birth of the son of perdition on June 21st 1982 takes you to the 2018th birthday of the son of man which is September 29th 2016. Going back in time from September 29th 2016 3full months 3weeks 3days takes you to June 5th 2016 which is Jerusalem unification day and seven sets of seven years from the start of the six day war. This period of 3full months 3weeks 3days is exactly the same period of time from the conception of Jesus on December 25th 3BC until April 18th 2BC which was on Passover and the birth of john.

This is further confirmation that June 5th 2016 is a very special day and that I have interpreted the 1290 and 1335 days of Daniel correctly.

The period of time from April 18th 2013 until September 29th 2016 covers 1260days; both of these days are the anniversaries of the births of John and Jesus. I suspect this may be the period of time known as the tribulation period of 1260days although I do not expect the great tribulation to start until 4days before Passover on April 4th 2015. The period from 4days before Passover in 2015 until June 5th 2016 is

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432days is it possible that once again the 432days will be a factor of tribulation; it certainly has in the past. Is it possible that

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on the anniversary of Johns birth the two witnesses will be here. If June 5th 2016 is the end of 1334days and the 1335days starts on June 6th 2016 then the 1260 days will have been shortened be 3full months 3weeks 3days.

I,am sure most people that are reading this know Pentecost is equal to 50days, going back in time 50days from September 29th 2BC takes you to a solar eclipse on august 10th 2BC and going back in time 50 days from Pentecost in 33AD would take you to the lunar eclipse on April3, 33AD/Passover.

I have seen and heard some of the things pastor Mark Blitz has proposed about the lunar tetrad of 2014-2015 and the Feasts of God on YouTube and would recommend watching it.

When I first started to study this subject I believed in a Rapture of the Church before any of the tribulation period, I no longer fell this way and I know believe will or the elect will be here until the seventh trumpet. There is in my opion more evidence to support this view and as one example in Matthew24:15-21 we are told that the time immediately after the abomination of desolation (March20, 2015 – April4, 2015) is the start of the Great Tribulation and in the very next verse #22 we are told this time of Great Tribulation has been shortened for the elects sake. The question you would have to ask is why would Jesus shorten this time for the elect’s sake if we or the church are not here?

If the crucifixion of Jesus happened on April3, 33AD which does fit extremely well into the overall scenario, then would the 3,33 in this date be an indication to the meaning of 666 as its the doubling of 333 and 333 in this respect is a period of time. So could 666 be connected to a period of time as well as a name? Periods of time as written at this site are repeating and in my opion really help to understand the times we are in and helps to lay down some kind of timeline for the future.

Not to repeat what I have written many times about the multitude of ways the number 7-11 or 711 is connected to Prince William, or the UN assigning the 21st of September 2011 as the sixth working day of the 66th session, the 21st of September being exactly 9months prior to the birth of the counterfeit Messiah on 6-21-1982 and 1981 being the time of the set up in Danial12:11. Rev13:18 tell us to count the number of the beast and that number is 666. Here is one more example of 711 and 666 being connected to Prince William, as 711,666 is the total count of days between April3, 33AD up to and including September21,1981 not to mention this time period covers 101,666 weeks, that is a lot of 6’s!

Does Jesus save people? Yes

Does Prince William save people? Yes search and rescue pilot or search and save

Is Jesus the Son of Man? Yes (John5:27)

Is Prince William the son of man? Yes the name Charles means man

Was Jesus born of a Virgin? Yes (Matthew1:23)

Was Prince William born to Virgin? Yes According to many sources

Was Jesus a prince? Yes

Is William a prince? Yes

Is Jesus a king? Yes (Rev19:16)

Will Prince William be a King? Yes

Is Jesus a descendent of Kings? Yes (Matthew1:1-17)

Is Prince William a descendent of Kings? Yes

Can Prince William be called a prince of the power of the air? Yes (Ephesians2:2) pilot

Is Prince Williams look more stout than his fellows? Yes (Daniel 7:20)

At 6 foot 3inches, will Prince William be tallest of his fellow rulers of England? Yes (Daniel7:20)

Is Jerusalem south and east of England? Yes (Daniel8:9)

Is the Red Dragon another name for Satan? Yes (Rev20:2)

Does Prince William have a Red Dragon on his coat of arms? Yes

Was Germanicus part of Nero’s name? Yes

Was Germanicus part of Julius Creaser name? Yes

Where the holy Roman Emperors known as German-Roman Emperors? Yes

Is there any evidence that Germany was founded by a Babylonian or connected to Assyria? Yes

Where 50 Catholics kings /Queens passed up to get the German /Hanover bloodline into England? Yes

Is the current Royal Family of England primarily of German decent? Yes

Did Germany start the first two world wars? Yes

Do Muslims believe there end time Messiah will be a descendent of Mohammed? Yes

Is Prince William a descendent of Mohammed? Yes

Did Alice Baily worship Lucifer? Yes

Did Helena Blavatsky worship Lucifer? Yes

Is Benjamin Crème a follower of Alice and Helena’s? Yes

Is it fair to say Benjamin Crème worships Lucifer? Yes

Did Benjamin Crème predict that on June21, 1982 on the summer solstice that the “Christ “would appear? Yes

Did Benjamin Crème say that this world teacher was 6foot 3inches? Yes

Is Prince William 6foot 3inches? Yes

Was Prince Williams birthday on June21, 1982 on the summer solstis and during an solar eclipse? Yes

Is September21,1981 to June21,1982 9months? Yes

Is 9months the average length of a pregnancy? Yes

Was September21, 2011 the 6th working day of the 66th session of the UN? Yes

Would September21, 2011 be the 30th anniversary of the conception of someone on average if they were born on the summer solstice on June21, 1982? Yes

Does the UN have a satanic spiritual side? Yes

Is Steven Nation a follower of Alice Baily? Yes

Did Steve Nation wright that the UN General Assembly area is a temple for the Avatar of synthesis? Yes

Is it fair to say the Avatar of synthesis is Satan? Yes

Did the arcatect of the UN building in New York do any other work with occult/satanic overtones? Yes

Was Carl Jung a occultist? Yes

Has it been written that Alice Baily was a deciple of Carl jung’s? Yes

Has it been written that Carl Jung was the most influential person in Lauren Vandeposts Life?Yes

Was Lauren Vander post Prince Williams godfather? Yes

Was Chartres Cathedral built upon an old druid worship site? Yes

Was Chartres France known as a center for Druid high priests? Yes

Did Richard Chartres give a sermon at Williams wedding? Yes

Did Rowan Williams accept a position as an honorary Druid? Yes

Where both Richard and Rowan the spiritual leaders at this wedding? Yes

Is the time period from April3, 33AD to Yom Kippur in 2015. 1982 years 5 full months 21 days? Yes

Is 1982years 5 full months 21days equal to June21, 1982? Yes

Is the time period from June21, 1982 until Yom Kippur in 2015, 33years 3full months and 3days? Yes

Can 33years 3full months and 3days be written as April3, 33? Yes

Is April3, 33AD. the predominate date for the crucifixion of Jesus? Yes

Is June21, 2015 in the middle of the spring and fall Feasts of the LORD in 2015? Yes

Will Prince William be 33years old on June21, 2015? Yes

Do most biblical scholars believe that Jesus was about 33years old when he was crucified? Yes

Does the name William mean will and desire? Yes

Is the end time Antichrist referred to as the willful king? Yes

Will the sun not give it’s light and the moon turn to blood on either side of Yom Kippur in 2015?Yes

Does the Bible teach that the Sun will not give its light and the Moon will turn to Blood at the return of Jesus? Yes

Did Jesus die on Passover? Yes

Did Jesus fulfill the Spring Feasts of the LORD ? Yes

Will Jesus fulfill the Fall feasts of the LORD at his second coming? Yes

Was there a lunar eclipse on Passover April3, 33AD? Yes

Will there be a lunar eclipse on Passover April4, 2015? Yes

Was there a solar eclipse 15days before the lunar eclipse on April3, 33AD? Yes

Will there be a solar eclipse 15days before the lunar eclipse on Passover April4, 2015? Yes

Was there a solar eclipse on Prince William’s birthday? Yes

Is the time between the solar eclipse on June21, 1982 to the solar eclipse on March20, 2015. 11960days? Yes

Was this time period of 11960days significant to the Mayans? Yes

Does the Bible teach that God created the Sun and Moon and stars for signs? Yes (Genesis1:14)

Has the lunar Tetrad historically been a time of tribulation for Israel? Yes

Is February of 1982 the halfway point between the rebirth of Israel to Yom Kippur in 2015? Yes

Is February of 1982 the halfway point of the conception of Prince William? Yes

Is the time period between April3, 33AD. to September21, 1981AD. 1948years? Yes

Did the rebirth of Israel happen in 1948? Yes

Did the crucifixion of Jesus put an end to the daily sacrifice? Yes

Is there any merit to the 1290days in Daniel12:11 being 1948years? Yes

Is there anything else going on in 2015 to indicate it will be the year of the lords return? Yes

Here is another piece of information that seems to be more than by chance, from the rebirth of Israel on 5-14-1948 until Tabernacles on September28, 2015 a total of 67years 4 full months and 2weeks will have eclipsed. The first thing I noticed is that 4 full months 2 weeks are equal to May 14, which is the month and day of the rebirth of Israel. This time period from 5-14-1948 to 9-28-2015 transferred to days is 24608 days, and the thing I notice here is 864 the number of the sun. Secondly the time period from April3, 33AD until Yom Kippur on 9-24 of 2015 a total of 724086 days will have eclipsed. You will notice that out of the 724086days you will get the #864 and when comparing 24608 and 724086 there is an undeniable connection between the two. And yet here is another example of the number 864 and its connection to Israel and Yom Kippur in 2015 as the total days between the signing of the Oslo accord on September13, 1993 to Yom Kippur in 2015 is 8046days. There is no way to get around the fact that certain numbers as periods of time keep repeating in the form of years months or days. This is no accident.

The numbers that I have come across with constancy are again, the number one in a series and whether it’s 11,111,1111,11111 it does not matter and the numbers, 864, 711, 666, 747.

I would also add that periods of time with regards to Jesus, Israel and Prince William are undeniably connected to one another.

And to test the fact that periods of time seem to repeat, the time period from 6-21-1982 to 11-21-2012 is 11111days and from 11-21-2012 to Passover on 4-4-2015 is 864days, so on November21, 2012 you have a convergence of two of the most significant periods of time and two of the most significant days in my research. I suspect something will happen on or around November21, 2012.

There are three solar eclipses starting in 2008, 2009, 2010 all of them fell on AV1 on the Hebrew calendar, was this a warning from God? Take note on the last of these three, the one on July11, 2010 as from this date to November21, 2012 is 864days and November21, 2012 is a Wednesday. Seven days on either side of November21 there is a solar and a lunar eclipse on Nov.13 and Nov.28. Then from November21, 2012 to the lunar eclipse on Passover on April4, 2015 is 864days and so the time period from the solar eclipse on AV1- July11, 2010 to the lunar eclipse on Passover April4, 2015 is 1728days and November21,2012 is smack dab in the middle of all these eclipse as well as . It’s also worth noting the location and timing of some of these eclipses as the solar eclipse on July11, 2010 fell over “Easter” Island and the lunar eclipse on April4, 2015 falls during Passover “Easter”.

There have been some people who have written about the connection between the solar eclipses that all fell on AV1 in 2008, 2009, 2010 and have seen them as a warning. I also understand the Hebrew month of AV is considered a month of mourning. The time period between the first two of the series was from August1, 2008 to july22, 2009 which is 11 full months 21days and then from July22, 2009 to July11, 2010 is 11 full months 19 days and the total time between all of them is 1 year 11full months 1week 3days now, going forward in time from the last of these eclipse on July11, 2010 or AV1 the same 1 year 11 full months 1week 3days takes you to June21, 2012 which was Prince Williams 30th birthday! So these three eclipse that have been seen as a warning that fell on the 1st day of the month of mourning on the Hebrew calendar covers a time period of 1year 11full months 1week 3days and then adding this same time period to the last of these three eclipse on July11, 2010 takes you to the 30th birthday of a future king that was born on the summer solstice and during an eclipse. And when the predominate date of the crucifixion is added to his birthday it takes you to Yom Kippur in 2015. And when someone/group who is semi well known who worship Lucifer takes out adds in all the major newspapers in the world in 1982 to make a declaration that the Christ/anointed one is now here and would show up on June21,1982 we better take notice!

The time period from August1,2008 until July11, 2010 is 1year 11full months 3days or 709days, and the period from July11, 2010 until June21, 2012 is the same 1year 11full months 3days but the days have changed from 709 to 711 days. I have seen this 711 many times in connection with Prince William.

From the most likely date of the conception of Prince William on September 21, 1981, until the death of his mother on 8-31-1997 is 15years 11months 1week 3days. I have seen this period of 11months 1week 3days over and over. The cycle of time that is connected to 11months 1week 3day or sometimes 4days could also be written as 11months 11days depending on the start month and in my opion is related to judgment. It does not seem to matter who many years are in front of this period of time.

As I ‘am writing this next paragraph todays date is 12-28-2012, I noticed a couple of weeks ago that George Bush Sr. was in the hospital and that his condition seemed to be getting progressively worse and I had wondered if might be dying. Then on 12-27-2012 I had seen a news flash that Norman Schwarzkopf was dead, Is it just me or does it seem odd that both of these men were the leaders of our country when we started the first Gulf War, one was the civil leader and the other the military commander and one appears to be near death and then the other one dies. The timing of these two events by two people who share a common bond at the highest position within our government who were the leader of the Gulf War struck me a very odd. That was until I checked the date of the start of the Gulf War and compared it against yesterday’s date, the day of Norman Schwarzkopf’s death on 12-27-2012. Then from the start of the US lead Gulf War on January17, 1991 until the death of it’s military commander on December27, 2012 is 21years 11months 1week 3days! As a matter of interest I just read an article about George Bush, he seems to be getting better and is now singing in the ICU. It sounded like a few days ago he might be dying then his old war buddy dies and then the next day his health starts improving and he is singing in the ICU?

From the birth of Prince Charles on November 14, 1948 up to and including September 21, 1981 is 12000 days which transferred into minutes is 17,280,000. Where have I seen 1728 before?

As I understand it, AV is the 11th civic Hebrew month, so these eclipse fell on the 1st of AV what could be written as 11-1, 11-1, 11-1 there is 1year 11months 3days or 11months 21days between each eclipse and on the secular calendar they fell on the 1st, 22nd ,11th of their respective months. is it just me or does the number 1 seem to keep repeating?

The current Pope is the 111th and was born in Germany

Has God sent us warnings before that we have ignored?

How about 9-11-2001?

On September11 there is 111days left in the year

I have listened to the book on cd called the harbinger that talks about this very thing, that 9-11-2001 was a wakeup call to this nation that was ignored. When you have states and the federal government and Barak Obama supporting gay marriage you are asking for trouble. Did not God destroy Sodom and Gomorra in part because of its sexual immorality? The moral decline in this country in general is incredible.

New York City hosts the spiritually Satanic UN/ building and has a statue of Helios/Apollo in its harbor just for starters; God is very clear on how he feels about things of this nature. The best thing the citizens of New York City could do is bulldoze the UN building into the ocean and take the statue of Liberty with it. There is no question that what happened on 9-11-2001 and Hurricane Sandy are related to each other on a deeper level. Sandy hit with her full force one day after the 126th birthday of the statue of Liberty and the planed reopening of the crown. A clue here about this statue is there are groups and people that worship Lucifer who lift it up.

Could Sandy be another wakeup call?

I find it interesting that hurricane Sandy was called “Frankenstorm” because it hit around Halloween, as well it closed down Wall Street for the first time since 9-11-2001. And as I understand it Wall Street resumed operation on Halloween, and now from 9-11-2001 until Halloween 2012 a total of 11years 1month 20days or 4068 days eclipsed! So the time period from the September11, 2001 until November31, 2012(Frankenstorm) covers two of the most predominate set of numbers as periods of time in all of my research. The three solar eclipse in 2008, 2009, 2010, all on 11-1 on the Hebrew civic calander or AV1, the total time period between them is 1year 11months 3days or the number 1 in a series. Not to be out done is 4068days, as the time period from the signing of the Oslo Accords until Yom Kippur in 2015 is 8046days and from the rebirth of Israel on 5-14-1948 until the lunar eclipse on September28, 2015 on Tabernacles a total of 24086 days will have eclipsed. All of these periods of time share the same base numbers, I suspect there are many more important periods of time that share these same base numbers. In them is encoded the number of the sun 864

What I ‘am saying here is Sandy was predictable or at the very least it was not unexpected.

Just one more example, from the creation of the USA on 7-4-1776 until 1-23-2013 which is typically three days after inauguration day on the 20th of January, Then from 7-4-1776 to 1-23-2013 is 86,400 days, if you add one more zero to this number you get the diameter of the Sun in miles!

Today’s date is 12-01-2012 and just to update the above paragraph.

The inauguration of Barak Obama will take place on the 21st of January 2013; it is the first time in history that it will take place on the 21st. Even though we celebrate Independence Day on July4 congress voted for independence from England on July2 of 1776. Therefore from the vote in congress to declare independence on July2, 1776, until January21, 2013 is 86,400 days and if you don’t think this is significant you are terribly mistaken. Especially when you look at the symbol Barak Obama uses, it looks like the sun inside of a circle or at the least some kind of solar symbol.

It appears to me at this point and time that Barak Obama might join forces with Prince William. I hope it’s not the case but it certainly looks like a possibility Barak Obama calls himself a Christian and yet he hole heartedly supports homosexual marriage and abortion , it doesn’t fit! Barak Obama also shares something in common with Prince William as 6 times 6 times 6 or the number of the beast is equal to 216. 216 goes into the number of the sun 4 times. Barak Obama was born on October 4, 1961 and 8*4*1*9*6*1=1728 which is exactly the same as Prince William birthday, 216 goes into 1728 8 times. October4 is the 216 day of the year! And if 9months is the average length of a pregnancy and if this applies to Barak Obama he very easily could have been conceived on 11-4-1960 which is nine months prior to his birth. Then doing the same math that gives you 1728 with his birth, leaving the zeros out 1*1*4*1*9*6=216!

And so when you see that on the day Barak Obama is inaugurated until the birth of America/vote in congress on july2, 1776 is 86400 days we really need to take notice. Is it possible Barak Obama is the false prophet? His proclamation of being a Christian does not match with what he supports and in some cases they oppose one another. Most people who study bibles prophesy are familiar with the three and a half years of the tribulation or 1260days. Just as interesting as the 86400days is that from the inauguration of Barak Obama on January 21, 2013 until we celebrate independence from England on July4, 2016 is 1260days!

Why is it that over the last couple of days am I seeing Barak depicted as Jesus on the web.

I ‘am struggling to comprehend some of the things I have found and what they mean. I have been searching for someone that has written on these things, but I have only picked up pieces here and there.

The numbers 864,000 and 432,000 are related to the Sun as one is the diameter and the other is the radius in miles. It looks like to me that God, and at times man has used these numbers but to the full context I fail to understand. Man has built them into his buildings and such, It appears that God has used them as periods of time between events. I hesitate and wonder if I should even share some of these things, as they seem to give you insight into the future events. And this is where I turn it over to God that his will be done. This could also be the work of Satan by God lifting his hand, I just don’t know.

All the periods of time here share the same dynamics as they are connected to the number 846 or 432 in any order, it could be 423 or 468 it does not seem to matter it appears to be the numbers that are important. Some of the time periods I have already given and some are new and have to do with acts of God “natural disasters”. I’am going to highlight the root of 8-6-4 and 4-3-2 in all of the dates between the events, in all of them you will find these numbers and there factors.

I know for a fact that the time periods given in the following segment are in there simplest form and that the depth of this matter goes way beyond just connecting dates together.

If someone were to read this who knew the fullness of this matter they would probably shake their head and say, if you only knew.

I would suggest again watching secrets in plain sight on YouTube. This subject matter is not covered but you will see a connection with the numbers I have presented.

April3, 33 A.D.( predominate date of the crucifixion of Christ) to September24, 2015(Yom Kippur) 72(4086) days

May14, 1948 (rebirth of Israel) to September28, 2015 (tabernacles lunar eclipse) 2(4608) days

September13, 1993( Oslo Accord) to September24, 2015 (Yom Kippur) 8046 days

July11, 2010 (Solar Eclipse AV1) to November21, 2012 cease-fire agreement Israel and Hamas 864 days

November 21, 2015 cease-fire agreement to April4, 2015 (Passover/ Lunar eclipse) 864 days

August23, 2011 (Washington DC Earthquake/ Colorado Earthquake) to October28, 2012 (reformation of the eye of hurricane Sandy/ 7.7 Earthquake in Canada) 432 days

October 30, 1998 (landfall Hurricane Mitch) to August23, 2011 (Washington DC/Colorado earthquake) 4608 days

June21, 1982 (birth of Prince William) to August28, 2008 (peak intensity of hurricane Katrina) (846)9 days

December7, 1948 (Pearl Harbor) to June21, 1982 (Prince Williams Birthday) 1(4806) days

Total magnitude of both August 23, 2015 in Colorado and Virginia Earthquakes was 11.1, I believe I could write another post on the number one in a series.

January12, 2010 (Earthquake, Haiti) to March11, 2011 (Earthquake, Japan) 423 days

January12, 2010 (Earthquake, Haiti) to April 25, 2011(start of massive outbreak of Tornados in US) 468 days

September 11-2001 (terrorist attack) to March11, 2011 (Earthquake, Japan) 3(468) days

December 26, 2004 (Earthquake, Sumatra) to October 29, 2012 (land fall of hurricane Sandy) 2(864) days

September 11- 2001 (terrorist attack) to October 31,2012 (dissipation of eye hurricane Sandy) 4068 days

Time period between the two largest volcanic eruptions in the 20th century Novarupta and Mount Pinatubo 28(864) days

The truth is I spent very little time connecting these dates, I suspect there are many more that are the same

So one could assume that this pattern will continue to give insight in future events, and as example.

May18, 1980 (eruption of mount St. Helens) to November10, 2012 (Kentucky earthquake 4.3/Myanmar earthquake 6.8) 11(864) days

I find it interesting that Barak Obama Visited Myanmar shortly after this quake.

As with the Washington and Colorado earthquakes the one in Kentucky and Myanmar were within in 20hours of one another and the total magnitude of the two was 11.1 exactly as the ones in Washington and Colorado.

And here is the big one,

July2 1776 (Declaration of Independence/Vote in congress) to the inauguration of Barak Obama, January21, 2013 86,400 days

I’ am going to take a week off work starting January19, 2013 through the week of the 21st to be with my family.


March11, 2011 (Japan Earthquake) until two days after the inauguration January23, 2013? 684 days

Febuary22, 2011 (Christchurch Earthquake) to January23, 2013 1year 11months 1day

September26, 2004 (landfall hurricane Jeanne) until January 23, 2013 3042 days

October29, 2012 (landfall hurricane Sandy) to three days after inauguration January23, 2013? 86 days

September 1, 1939 (start of WWII) to January 19, 2013? two days before inauguration 2(6804) days

July28, 1976 ( Tangshan earthquake 250,000 fatalities) to January19, 2013 13(324) days

May1, 2008 (start of massive outbreak of tornados) to January23, 2013? 1728 days. 864+864=1728

June21, 2012 (Prince Williams 30th birthday) to January23, 2013 216days 216*4=864

August23, 2011 (Washington DC/Colorado earthquakes) to December 21, 2012? 486 days

January12, 2010 (Haiti earthquake 400,000 fatalities) up to and including December21, 2012 is 2years 11months 1week 3days (see comment about this time period at bottom of list)

September14, 1988 (peak of Hurricane Gilbert) to December 21, 2012? 8(864) days

October10, 1780 ( land fall second deadliest hurricane on record, The Great Hurricane of 1780) to December21, 2012 8(4806) days

October6, 1948 (Ashgabat earthquake 110,000 fatalities) to December21, 2012 ( 234)52 days

December 28, 1908 (Messina earthquake 125,000 fatalities) to December 21, 2012 3(0684) days

October 17, 1989 (Loma Prieta California earthquake) to December 21, 2012? (846)6 days

August6, 1945 (first atomic bomb used on people/Hiroshima) to December 20, 2012? 2(4608) days

October 17, 1989 (Loma Prieta California earthquake) to June21, 2013(Prince Williams 31st birthday) 8(648) days

September11, 2001 (terrorist attack) to August27, 2013? 4368 days

June21, 2012 (Prince Williams 30th birthday) to August27, 2013? 432 days

January23, 2013? To August27, 2013? 216 days

October24, 2005 (intensification of Hurricane Wilma) to August27, 2013? 2(864) days

As you can see these are extraordinarily catastrophic events and all can be linked with the number of the sun. And some are yet to be fulfilled.

There is also a time period of 11months 1week 3day that continually comes up, it does not matter how many years you use when you see this period of time when connecting dates you better take notice.

As an example the time period that some have seen as a warning period from the solar eclipse on August 1, 2008 or in the Hebrew calendar AV1 to the solar eclipse on July11, 2010 or Av1 is, 1year 11months 1week 3days.

There have been people who feel Hurricane Katrina was brought on because of the US involvement in removing Israelis from the Gaza Strip. There is in my opion some compelling evidence to support that, I will not get into all the evidence at this post but if you look it’s there, many have written about it. But take note as from the Oslo Accord on 9-13-1993 until the formation of Hurricane Katrina on 8-23-2005 is 11years 11months 1week 3days or 4362days. So yes I would have to agree.

There is a five day window of destruction(as I call it) that starts on January19, 2013 to January23, 2013 and seem to center around the inauguration of president Obama and it also would appear that Prince William is connected as I would expect. If history repeats itself, this time period will be a time of destruction. So is Mr. Obama part of the axis of evil? Will he be assonated? The inauguration of Obama in 2013 is right in the middle of the window of destruction.

There are several markers or witnesses around the time of December 21, 2012 and the time from January 19 through the 23rd of 2013 and around August27, 2013 all these dates have multiple witnesses connecting them. And those that think nothing will happen on December21, 2012 will be in for a rude awaking if history repeats itself. There is truly a multitude of hits on this date, more than any other of the dates.

One thing worth noting with the date January 23, 2015 is first there are several hits on this date and secondly on January23, 2015 there is 342 days left in the year at this point in which the doubling of this number is 684

This period from December 21st 2012 to January 23rd 1013 could be a time of judgment.

From June21, 1982 until November21, 2012 is 11111 days. November21, 2012 is the center point of four eclipses, from the Solar eclipse on July11, 2010 to November21, 2012 is 864 days and from November21, 2012 to the lunar eclipse on Passover on April4, 2015 is 864 days. November21, 2012 is also encased evenly by the solar eclipse on November13, 2012 on one side and by the lunar eclipse on November28, 2012 on the other.

The Satanic spiritual nature of the UN will also come into play here as the start of the 66th session of the UN was September13, 2011. The September13 start date is the middle point between the solar eclipse on July1, 2011 to solar eclipse on November25, 2011 and the 6th working day of the 66th which was on September21, 2011.

AS I write this next paragraph November 21,2012 has come to a conclusion and up to this point there has been no change in the English royal family, I really thought this could be the time of the change. But I cannot say this day was uneventful as on this day Israel and the Hamas agreed to a cease fire as I understand it at 2100 hours which I find interesting.

This conflict started between the 13th and 14th of November, 2012 and the cease fire took place, time wise exactly between the solar eclipse on the 13th and the lunar eclipse on november28, 2012. AS well from this so called cease fire until the lunar eclipse on April4, 2015 is 864 days. Maybe what I was picking up with this November21, 2012 date was this “cease-fire agreement”. In any case November21, 2015 was sticking out like a sore thumb. I got the feeling watching this cease-fire agreement play out that I was watching a play with some really bad actors.

Just as another example of an interesting period of time from the start of the Lebanon war on June6, 1982 until its conclusion/peace agreement on May17, 1983 is 11 full months 1week 4days or 11full months 11days or11:11 here again you are getting this reoccurring time period. And June 6th as a decimal is .432.

Apparently there is a relationship between the number 864 and 111 as 11full months and 1week would take you to December7 using the solar calendar and on December 7, 2012 342 days will have expired from the start of the year. And if you double 3-4-2 you will get 684 swap the numbers around and 864. If you add the mirror image of the 432 which would be the radius of the sun you would get .




There is something called the magic square of the sun and the sum of each column adds up to 111 and if you add all six columns together you get 666. And if you multiply 6*2*1*1*9*8*2 which is Prince Williams birthday you get 1728 which is 864+864.

There have been buildings built with these numbers designed into them.

Another period of time coming up is the time around November27,28 of 2012 there will be a conjunction of Venus and Saturn on the 27th followed immediately by a lunar eclipse.

I will be looking at the time around December 7, 8, and 9 of 2012 closely as well. A couple of things going on here is the start of Hanukkah. Hanukkah as I understand it is celebrated because of a successful Jewish rebellion against Antiochus Epiphanes who has been viewed as the antichrist or a type. And so from the start of the rein of Queen Elizabeth II on Febuary6, 1952 until December9, 2012 is 22222 days which is the doubling of 11111days which was the time period from 6-21-1982 until November 21, 2012. The current English royal family Saxe-coburg-Gotha A.K.A “Windsor” got their start in 1-22-1901 with King Edward VII, and then from January22, 1901 until December 9, 2012 is 40864 days. So around the start of Hanukkah in 2012 you have some very interesting periods of time converging with regards to the English royal family. It’s also worth noting that the English military captured Jerusalem on Hanukkah on December9, 1917 after centuries of Muslim control.

In regards to King Edward VII there are a couple of the most important honorary events in his life that center on the time of Hanukkah. It’s worth noting that from the start of the house of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha on 1-22-1901 until December9, 2012 is 111years and some months. It is the 111years that I, am noticing here.

It seems to me that the celebration of Hanukkah and its connection to Antiochus Epiphanes could be a foreshadowing of future events with the False Messiah in any case.


Taking away of the daily sacrifice – April3, 33AD-Death of Jesus

Set up of the abomination of desolation-September21, 1981-conception of Prince William

If I have understood the 1290days and 1335days of Daniel correctly and if Jesus was crucified on April3, 33AD and if Prince William was conceived nine months prior to 6-21-1982 this would be on or about September 21, 1981. Then the time period between these two events is 1948years 5full months 18days. If you then take 5full months 18days which is June 18 and convert into days, in which June 18 is the 169th day of the year, then convert 169days into a decimal which would be .463013 taken six places out. Than the answer would be 1948.463013 as a time period between the taking away of the daily sacrifice and the setup of the abomination of desolation, and now you can divide 1290 into 1948.463013 years in which 1.510436 would be the common denominator to multiply by 1335 days to get you to the answer to Daniels 1335days as I understand it, the answer to when is the end of these things would then be 2016.432 years, and here is that 432 again.

I believe if you go back in time 432 days from June5/6, 2016 this would give you the time of the Abomination of desolation.

Much can be said about the June5/6 2016 date as its 49 years after the Israel captured Jerusalem. There are people who have made a connection to this date as being prophetic but none have made the connection or understood Daniel 12:11-12. There may be more than one way to interpret some prophesy as it may be with Daniel12:11-12, but what I ‘am writing here is that by using the two dates in regards to Jesus and Prince William and simple math, the 1335days is June6,2016. This time has been shortened by Jesus Chris and I would not expect it to go past Yom Kippur in 2015. By the way from June21, 1982 until Yom Kippur in 2015 is 33years 3full months 3days or April3, 33 years.

It is my contention that June5/6, 2016 is the end of the seventy weeks of Daniel.

The time period around June 5th and 6th 2016 seems to be the center point of many celestial events first and foremost there are two lunar and two solar eclipses in 2016 on March23 and August18 for the lunar and March9 and September 1 for the solar. June5, 2016 is exactly at the center point of these four eclipses on the solar calendar in 2016. There is also an occultation of Venus on this day and who knows what else.

Not only is the June5, 2016 at the very center of these four eclipses in 2016, the distance between the solar eclipses in 2016 is 176day which is a unusual amount of days as this is typically about 177days. Therefor half of 176 is 88, and so on June5, 2016 there is a solar eclipse 88days on either of this date. And if I have done the math wright the very center of time of the between the March9 eclipse and the september1 eclipse Jerusalem time would be 7:05AM on June5, 2016. By most accounts the start of six day war happened sometime between 7:10 and 7:45AM Jerusalem time depending on what source you read. It is entirely possible the final order was given to start this war or rebuild Jerusalem at 7:05AM which is as stated the precise time center of the two solar eclipses in 2016 to the best of my understanding.

The solar eclipse on March9, 2016 has its greatest eclipse at 1:58:02 UTC or 3:58:02AM Jerusalem time and the greatest time of the eclipse on September1, 2016 takes place at 9:08:02 UTC, in Jerusalem it would be 11:08:02AM. There is also a New Moon on June5 at 6:00AM in Jerusalem.

In many ways June5, 2016 is a very special day.

Just to be conservative I will call either the 5th or 6th of June 2016 the end of the seventieth week of Daniel for the reasons already given and the period of great tribulation has been cut short to the time period of a little more than five months between the spring and fall feasts of God in 2015. Going back in time 432days from June5/6, 2016 would take you March31/April1 2015. It is at this time I would expect the Abomination of desolation to take place. I’ am no theologian when it comes to the feasts of God but I believe there was a four day period before Passover that the high priest would inspect the Passover lamb. And it was on the first of these four days that Jesus made his way into Jerusalem on a donkey declaring who he was. So I would expect the false messiah to present himself as God on that same day and in 2015 that would be March31/ April1 which is exactly 432 days from June5/6 2016.

Prince Williams 33rd birthday on June21, 2015 is exactly the center point of time between March31 and the Feast of Trumpets and solar eclipse on September13, 2015.

The time period from 6-21-1982 until June5, 2016 is

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12403 days, and as with the period from April3,33AD until Yom Kippur in 2015 you have 724086days and then May14, 1948 until tabernacles in 2015 is 24608 days. So the time around June5 or 6th and even the 7th of June 2016 is consistent with the reoccurring number of days or underling sun numbers. And what if you doubled this period from 6-21-1982 to June5, 2016 you would have 24806 is there much of a difference in the period from May14, 1948 to Tabernacles in 2015 which is 24608 days.

If the current Pope keeps moving the date of the birth of Jesus back, the crucifixion of the Lord Jesus on April3, 33AD won’t work. I find the timing of this book and the moving back of the date of the birth of Jesus by the Pope suspect. There is some prophesy about the 112th Pope being a evil one, the current Pope is the 111th and to me the number 111 has much more significant than 112.

I still assert that if Prince William is the False Messiah he will have to elevated to a position of power by his 31st birthday to follow in the footsteps of Jesus as his ministry began when he was around the age of 30.

It would be obvious then that from the July11, 2010 solar eclipse to the lunar eclipse on Passover April4, 2015 would encompass 1728 days which is the doubling of 864.

I find myself asking why the United States of America chose to inaugurate a president the president on January20, when from January1 to the 20th of January a total of 1728000 seconds will have eclipsed. Do a couple bad apples spoil the whole bunch? Is there not a sun god standing in the harbor of New York city? Is not 864+864 1728 ? is not 6*2*1*1*9*8*2 1728 ? is not 6-21-1982 Prince Williams birthday?

This post has been written over a two month period, and as I,am writing this next paragraph todays date is 11-11-12. If you notice that from the eruption of mount St. Helen on 5-18-1980 until 11-10-2012 a total of 11864 days will have eclipsed and so I was expecting a significant event to take place, and at first glance on the internet there was in fact a rare earthquake that took place in Kentucky on 11-10-2012 that hade a magnitude of 4.3. While the location of this earthquake was rare I was expecting something more intense. I was fully expecting an earthquake but what took place within the next 20 hours caught me a little off guard but it was not totally unexpected in fact after I read about this quake in Kentucky about three hours after it occurred, my attention was drawn to the August23, 2011 quakes in Virginia and Colorado. Both of these earthquakes were rare and occurred close together time wise, and the total combined magnitude was 11.1. And so the earthquake in Kentucky had a magnitude of 4.3 and my thought was, there might be another earthquake following with a magnitude of 6.8 that would give you a total of 11.1 as it did with the Virginia /Colorado quakes. I had come to the conclusion by 5:00PM on 11-10-2012 that there was going to be another quake somewhere in the world in very short time that would have a magnitude of 6.8. When I checked the internet before I went to church about 10:15AM on 11-11-2012 to see if there were any earthquakes with a magnitude of 6.8, I would like to say I was surprised to find out that there was in fact exactly as I suspected an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.8 around Myanmar in the Pacific. I didn’t know where this quake would take place but I knew it was coming and I knew the magnitude, or at least I felt very confident about it.

I ‘am willing to bet that I am not the only person who knows this phenomenon. I will not even try to explain why or how this happens other than to say it does and if this pattern continues, you could with some degree of accuracy predict these events in the future.

With some of these events there is only one of two connecting factor between them, but with the period between January19, 2013 and January23, 2015 there are several connecting factors.

As well December21, 2012 has even more than the time around the inauguration.

It is my belief that God wants us to know what’s coming during these endtimes and to be prepared spiritually and physically and to be watching what is transpiring around us. We should be preparing our families and friends, those of us who know need to lead and warn others. I can tell you from my own experience that people think I’am nuts when I try to explain some of what I have written about in these posts. Most people just are not ready to hear it.

Make sure your lamp has oil!

STORE UP ON SUPPLYS! Food, medicine, etc.

In Genesis God tells us that the sun and moon and stars are for sings and the magnitude of which most of us fail to understand.

It would recommend to create a timeline of all lunar and solar eclipse from 2008 to 2015 and mark out the days between every solar to solar and lunar to lunar eclipse and then from every solar to lunar you then can start to see the pattern that emerges and in doing so you can get a good idea what’s coming or days of interest as history tends to repeat.

One example would be to do the same with the solar and lunar eclipse in 1981, 1982, and 1983 and in doing so you will pick up this pattern that plays out in 2011 and 2013 not to mention that in 1982 there was a total of 6 eclipse’s that year and there was three eclipse on 6-21-1982 and 7-06-1982 and 7-20-1982 all within a 30day period.

I have written before that there is way more going on here than I understand and I ‘am hoping it will help someone else in there labor and for the glory of the Kingdom of God and his only Son Jesus Christ.

The traditions of Yom Kippur in my opion are very important to understand more fully what is transpiring during this time in 2015 and the correlation between when Jesus was crucified and when the False Messiah reaches 33years 3 full months and 3days or the 11960days for that matter. I can also see a parallel between the False Messiah or Azazel being destroyed by the High Priest the Lord Jesus Christ at his second coming during Yom Kippur. If Jesus fulfilled the spring feasts to the letter will he not do the same at his return?

I am by no means an expert on the Feasts of God but the more I understand about them the clearer things become and fuller, richer.

I can also see a similarity between the Count of Saint Germain and Azazel as Azazel was written about in the book of Enoch. I have never read the book of Enoch and frankly I would not put too much into it other than it seems to support who I believe Saint Germain was or became. Azazel as its written was a worker of metals, costly stones, dyes, paints, cosmetics, which were all things the article on Wikipedia attribute to Saint Germain.

On a personal level the first time I read the article from Wikipedia on Saint Germain something became apparent to me as the first couple of people who had written about him were Lady Jemima York and Lord Willoughby and as it turns out, I’ am related to both of them. I wasn’t more than three weeks after I started this research that out of nowhere my mother asked me to continue researching our family history as she had stopped doing so many years ago. As it turns out through the research my Great Aunt had done on my father’s side back in the early 70’s and had written her findings that sat in an envelope until my mother gave me all the information she had gathered, that through my father as history has recorded it I ‘am descended from Charlemagne, William the Conqueror, Raymond Romano Des Orsins, King Louis vI of France. Just as interesting as my Fathers is my mother’s side as she is primarily German while I was only able to get back to the early 1800’s on her side it was the location of where my three German immigrant GGGrand parents came from that I found interesting, as they are Hanover, Oldenburg, Schleswig- Holstein.

As its been written by some occult groups such as Theosophy Sir Francis Bacon was the child of Lord Dudley and Queen Elizabeth and that Saint Germain and Sir Francis Bacon are the same person or more likely possessed by the same or similar evil spirit. The whole experience of researching my family genealogy has been a little unsettling in that it’s from the Dudley line that I get my royal heritage and in a separate line that merges back into the Dudley line in America sometime in the early 1800s is my Bacon genealogy that can be traced back to Nicholas Bacon’s father which would make Sir Francis Bacon an cousin any why you look at it, Lady Jemima York a cousin Lord Willoughby a cousin and Prince William a cousin through Elizabeth Woodville .And the three places my German grandparents came from also have a role in this story. It’s more the timing of finding out about my family history that is striking to me as I was just starting to research the possibility of Prince William being the Antichrist. Knowing with absolute certainty that it has been the Holy Spirit that is guiding me and working through others to even make this site possible. As I stated before one of the first people mentioned on the Wikipedia to write about Saint Germain was Jemima York and by the time I read this article I had already done extensive genealogy work on my family and recognized the surname York and wondered if somehow I would be related to here. It was many months later that I decided to check out my intuition about any relation to here and as it turns out my hunch was right on the money.

The March20, 2015 Solar Eclipse is part of the lunar tetrad of 2014-2015, and if history is any indication of the future the Tetrad of 2014-2015 is of major biblical importance. Prince William was born on ecpilse#67 of saros117 or a descending node or odd saros series eclipse or the dragons head, and saros120 eclipse #61 or ascending node or even saros series or Dragons tail is in fact completing the dragon or you could say the return of the tail to the head. The time between these two opposite series, saros117 #67 and saros120 #61 is 32years, 8months, 3weeks, 6days, or 11960 days, which is the same for all of them.

Another aspect of 32years,8months,3weeks,6days is that the 8 full months,3weeks,6days is equal to 270 days and the 270th day of 2015 is September28 and on this date in 2015 there is a lunar eclipse and it’s also Tabernacles, also there is on average 270years between each head of the dragon as I have come to understand it, for example from the death of Mohammed in 632 until the birth of Prince William in 1982 there is 1350 years between them, 1350years/270years =5 . Weather its 270years or 270days this number is also connected to the dragon and the moon. This is just an observation, 2160 is the diameter of the moon in miles and is divisible by 270 eight times and in Rev17:11 the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eight, I believe the eight being spoken of here is Prince William. In other words 8 times 270years is equal to 2160 which is the diameter of the moon in miles. One of the symbols of Islam is the crescent moon and my thought was maybe Mohammed’s position in the beast is reflected by the lunar phase that corresponds with a crescent Moon. The time period between Mohammed’s death in 632 until the birth of Saint Germain in 1712 is 1080 years which is the radius of the Moon in miles.

In my opion the people of the world who think Mohammed is the prophet of God have been deceived, I would say he is a prophet, just Prince William is the Messiah and if you believe that you also will be deceived. It’s been written that the Royal Family of England are descended from Mohammed.

Is it possible Prince William and Mohammed are both part of the dragon?

I wrote on the other post about Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor being a type of Antichrist and the primary source of that evil came from Fibonacci (serpent).

While in Jerusalem Frederick II declared “I stayed overnight in Jerusalem, in order to overhear the prayer call of the Muslims and their worthy god”. This quote is from an article on Wikipedia and is not fully in context.

While Frederick was seen as a religious skeptic in general, the only positive statement I can find directed toward a religion was the Muslim faith.

Frederick II was undeniably an Antichrist influenced by Fibonacci/Satan, and the only religion he ever praised that I could find was Muslim faith and Allah. The evidence based upon what has been written about Frederick and who Fibonacci was or became would then indicate why Frederick was praising the Muslim faith.

It sounds like by what I have read about Frederick II he would have made a good spokesman for UNESCO or the UN for that matter.

As I understand it Muslims believe there end time messiah comes first, then the false one comes latter, Jewish people are still waiting for the Messiah and Bible teaches the false Messiah comes first.

Someone is being lied to.

I have a feeling that by Yom Kippur in 2015 all this confusion will be cleared up.

As stated before I believe the conception of Prince William was either the 20th or 21st of September of 1981, If you take 9-21-1981 and multiply the digits that is 9*2*1*1*9*8*1=1296 then take 1296 and add the number of the Sun which is 864(diameter of the Sun 864,000) or 1296+864=2160 which is the diameter of the Moon in miles.

If you just take the dates of 9-21-1981 and 6-21-1982 and leave out Prince William out of the equation you can see these are very unique dates in that one is the summer solstis that had a solar eclipse and the other is an equinox as well as 9*2*1*1*9*8*1=1296 and 6*2*1*1*9*8*2=1728 and the sum of these two are 1296+1728=3024 the diameter of the Moon in miles is 2160 and the number of the Sun is 864 if you add these two together you get 2160+864=3024 .If you have a Solar eclipse then you would be adding the Sun 864 and the Moon 2160 together, on 6-21-1982 the Sun and moon came together. The number 1728 also has a relationship with the dimensions of a cube, I would watch secrets in plain sight on YouTube to get a better understand of how many of the numbers weather its 7/11, 2160, 864, 1728 have been built into the architecture of the world from the Pyramids until today and seemingly can be connected to 9-21-1981 and 6-21-1982 and the other heads of the Red Dragon. This may make more scene if you watch Secrets in Plain Sight on youtube.

It would also appear that the most important dates in Prince Williams life have or may fall on the fall equinox/conception, summer solstice /birth, winter solstice/become king, spring equinox solar eclipse on March20, 2015?, Fall equinox 2015 death?.

. Another aspect of 9-21-1981 and 6-21-1982 being 1269 and 1728 respectfully is if you were to subtract 1269 from 1728 or 1269-1728=432, 432,000 is the radius of the sun in miles.

Half of 432 is 216 which is 6*6*6

And the mirror image of 432 is 234 and if you add these two together you get 666

if you take his mother and fathers birthdays and do the same math, by that I mean prince Charles birthday is 11-14-1948 or 1*1*1*4*1*9*4*8=1152 and Diana 7*1*1*9*6*1=378 then join them together you get 1530 then subtract the number of their first born son or the Sun 864 you get 1530 -864=666 the number of the beast

The plain truth is 666, the number of the beast is connected to the numbers of the sun and as I have shown it is also connected to Prince William via the date of his conception and his birth. If the crucifixion and death of the Lord Jesus Christ happened at 3full months 3days and 33years is it not possible the 666 may have something to do the dates concerning the conception and birth of the False Messiah?

Here is example of Prince William and his connection to 864, by using the mirror image of 6-21-1982 and subtracting them you get 864 twice.

Some of the greatest destructive events the world has known can be connected together by 864days 432days, the order of the numbers don’t matter it’s the numbers!








Or you could use just 6-21




You would need to read the other posts to get the importance of 747

Our you could just use 1982





There is no getting around the fact that 864, 1728, 1296 and 666 can be tied to Prince William through his birthdate his parents birthdates and the most likely date of his conception. 864, 1728 and 1296 are all divisible by 216 which is 6*6*6.

Now take into consideration the 42months or 1260 days that the false messiah is given(it will not go this long), 1260 days as a period of time converted into hours or minutes or seconds yields something very interesting.

Conception date 9*2*1*1*9*8*1=1296 birthdate 6*2*1*1*9*8*2=1728



1260days is equal to 30240 hours, 30240/3024=10

1260days is equal to 1814400 minutes 1814400/3024=600

1260days is equal to 108864000 seconds 108864000/3024=36000

5months/150days is the span of time given to Abadon/Apollo and to the fallen Angles

5months/150days is equal to 3600 hours

5months/150days is equal to 216000 minutes

5months/150days is equal to 12960000 seconds

The 1260days and the 5month/150day period in Revelations converted into hours, minutes and seconds are directly related to the numbers 216, 432, 864, 1296,1728, and 3024 which all can be connected to Prince William.

At this point and time as of 12-22-2012 I believe that the end of the 70th week of Daniel would fall during the period from June5 thru the 11th of 2016 which would be the 49th anniversary of the recapture of Jerusalem. I also believe the great tribulation was only going to last 432days, which going back in time from June5-11, 2016 would take you back to the time around Passover in 2015 and the abomination of desolation. This time has been cut short to the period around the fall feasts of God in 2015; at least this is my current theory.

There is a precedent for a period of 432days being a time of tribulation, as soon as Israel became a nation on May14, 1948 they went into tribulation that lasted 432days From the rebirth of Israel/War on May14, 1948 until the Israeli war armistice on July20th, 1949 is 432days. Is this period of 432days a foreshadowing of things to come? I suspect it is, just as I suspect the Locust plague of 1915 is a foreshadowing of things to come 100years later although the locust of 2015 will not be eating anything green and they will come out of the bottomless pit.

If you take the 108,864,000 seconds converted from 1260days you will see two very interesting sets of numbers here, they are 108 which is often associated with the Moon and 864,000 which is associated with the sun.

1260days in my opion is related to the sun and moon expressed in a different unit of measurement.

The same could be said for the 144000 from the twelve tribes of Israel as 144000 feet converted into inches is 1728000

144000 feet converted into hands is 432000

New Jerusalem is

I do not fully understand the meaning of 1111 but there is something to it there always is. I write on 1111 later in this post.

Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction, if Prince William was conceived on 9-21-1981 which is nine months prior to 6-21-1982 or 273days than he shares something in common with his wife as she was born on 1-9-1982 these are the same exact numbers but in a slightly different arrangement and both equal 1296.

I have been going back and forth on whether he was conceived on the 20 or 21 of September of 1981 as time goes on it looks more like it was the 21st, case and point being the Satanic spiritual nature of the UN and the fact that the 21st day of September 2011 was the 6th working day of the 66th session this was no accident. I would recommend watching UN and the occult agenda on YouTube.

One person who has used the mirror image concept was Jan Van Eyck whom I believe was part of the Dragon, in fact when you look at the Olympic rings the black one in the middle of the five would be Van Eyck. Anyone who has study the kind of subject matter written on this site is well aware to the fact that things have been hidden in paintings and symbols, and buildings. One painting of Van Eyck’s ,Arnolfini which is a portrait and it has a mirror in the painting and just above this mirror are the words “ Jan van Eyck was here 1434” which most people have interpreted to mean Van Eyck was at this wedding or something to that effect . Now taking that same phrase and date and put it into the context of a mirror image it would mean something like Jan Van Eyck will be there 4341. The hidden meaning here by way of the mirror is Jan Van Eyck is going to be somewhere in 4341, or what if you take 1434 and added its mirror image 4341 or 1434+4341=5775 in other words Jan Van Eyck is going to be here in 5775, well what is 5775? You would probably not know what 5775 is unless you were a practicing Jew, it is the Hebrew year that starts in the fall of 2014 and runs through the fall of 2015. So Jan Van Eyck is going to be here in 2015 I cannot say I ‘am surprised the only question I have is will he be coming with the Locust Army for 5month in 2015 or is it through Prince William on March20,2015. I’ am sure there is more going on in this particular painting and if someone would like it explained in more detail you may want to consider dropping Richard Chartres an Email.

Another more recent example hidden meaning is from 8-17-2012 headlines TODAY News “Prince William saves schoolgirls in helicopter sea rescue” I find it ironic that a prince with the power over the air saves people and that because of the meaning of his father’s name and his mother being a virgin he is the son of man who was born of a virgin. If we are talking about the false or fake messiah he sure seems fit.

Furthermore you should pay close attention to the ages of the girls as the story has been written by several sources all list the girls ages 13 and 16 in that order, when I first read this story the first thing that jumped out at me was 1316 as I have been at this for a while, Prince William was born in 1982 and if you subtract the girls ages as they are written in every story I came across that is 13 and 16 you would have something like 1982-1316 which =666. For those who think this is just by chance you would be in for a world hurt by not knowing the devil comes with all kinds of lying wonders and you will have no chance in the wake at what’s to come. There is just as much chance that the 6th working day of the 66th session of the UN just happened to fall on September21st of 2011 which just happens to be the 30th anniversary of the conception of someone, on average if they were born on the summer solstice in June of 1982 and the general assembly space at the UN just happens to be called a temple by people who worship Satan and this temple just happens to have what appears to be an “ all seeing eye” on the celling and this building just happens to have green scaly serpent rock adorning it. In fact every time you see a world leader speaking at the General assembly lectern “alter” the green stone you see behind them is literally called Serpent Rock.

The number 1728 or 6-21-1982 has a direct relationship to a cube as one cubic foot has 1728 inches, there is a cube in Mecca that Muslims pray around the Kaaba, if 6-21-1982 is related to a cube than what are Muslims unknowingly praying to or around?

I don’t know how much to put into the meaning of multiplying dates together as these numbers tend to repeat, as 1728 is found twice in June of 1982 but in the case of Prince William it keeps telling the same story.

Keep in mind that the dispensation of time from the crucifixion to his return may very well be equal to 6-21-1982 so everything written here regarding 1982years 5full months 21days could pertain to the church age.

I have written many times to the fact that what is written here is just the tip of a iceberg and what’s going to transpire in the next three years is thousands of years in the making and from an Christian prospective we need to be ready and aware.

As for the 270th day of 2015 being September28 and Tabernacles and a lunar eclipse I can only speculate at this point to the significance of the Moon being eclipse on Tabernacles the 270th day of the year other than to say I ‘am sure it’s part of Gods plan and has meaning beyond what I ‘am able to understand at this point..

The difference between #67 and #61 is 6, again this is the same for all of them or to put it another way the difference between the dragons head and tail eclipse # is 6

#67 – #61 =6

#52 – #46 =6

#37 – #31=6

#22 – #16=6

#7 – #1 =6

At the time of the greatest eclipse of saros117 #67 (birth of Prince William) the Latitude the of eclipse was 65.9South and Longitude was 13.2East and on March20, 2015 the Greatest part of the Eclipse happens on a Latitude of 64.4North and Longitude is 6.6Weast these are nearly complete opposite events in many ways and are different than the other heads of the dragon insomuch that the greatest time of the eclipse on March20, 2015 happens on 9:47 GMT but in Jerusalem the time is 11:47AM exactly Solar noon!

In Mathew27:45 now from the sixth hour there was darkness over all the land until the ninth hour. On March20,2015 sunrise is at 5:44AM in Jerusalem and 6hours latter would be 2mintues before solar noon and the greatest point of the eclipse. To put it another way, solar noon and the greatest eclipse takes place at the sixth hour or six hours after sunrise on March20, 2015. The New Moon that takes place at 11:36AM the same day(which happens with an eclipse) in Jerusalem which is exactly 11minutes before solar noon and 11minuts before the greatest time of the dragon’s tail solar eclipse.

It is my opion that March20, 2015 has all the ingredients needed for the Antichrist to sit in Jerusalem claiming to be God, at least there seems to similarities with the timing of the eclipse on March20 and the crucifixion of Jesus. I would add that the time frame between march20, 2015 to Passover of 2015 would be when the false messiah causes the abomination. Even so, Palm Sunday in 2015 would also be likely time for the abomination of desolation to place as this was when Jesus made this entry into Jerusalem as King and savior of the world, then like wise one could expect the false messiah to do the same.

The difference between saros117#67 and saros120#61(Prince William) from a latitude and longitude prospective is.

65.9S 13.2E June21, 1982 saros117#67

64.4N 6.6W March20, 2015 saros120#61

*1.5S 6.6E*

These two coordinates are Prince Williams head and tail and 1.5south by 6.6east is the difference between the

Using the prime meridian 1.5S by 6.6E is almost the exact center of the earth at the equator, if you add these two numbers together you can get 7.11 or the number 7 and 11 backwards is 11.7 as in saros 117 throughout the research I have done the numbers 7 and 11 are tied to the Red dragon just as much as 747 and 666. He was born at 9:03PM London time and Diana’s labor is said to

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have lasted 16 hours so the start of her labor would have 5:03AM London time but in Jerusalem it would be 7:03 for the start of labor and a birth at 11:03PM here again you have 7 and 11. And if your labor lasts 16hours of a 24hour day, in a decimal that would be .666.

The numbers 7/11 also come into play at the summer Olympics with the date

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of the closing ceremonies and if there was ever a question to the occult (Satanic) nature of the Olympics (especially of 2012) and what there about, all you would need to do is add all the dates of the past five heads of the Dragons Saros117 and Saros120 numbers together. For example Prince Williams Tail comes on 3-20-2015 so you would add 3+2+0+2+0+1+5 =13 and his head came on 6-21-1982 or 6+2+1+1+9+8+2=29

And if you did this same thing the Count of Saint Germain, Jan Van Eyck, fibbonich , Al-Kazin it would look like this, starting with Prince William

Dragons head saros 117 Dragons tail saros 120

Eclipse#67 6+2+1+1+9+8+2=29 Prince William Eclipse#61 3+2+0+2+0+1+5= 13

Eclipse#52 1+8+1+7+1+2=20 Count of Saint Germain Eclipse#46 1+0+6+1+7+4+4=23

Eclipse#37 7+1+8+1+4+4+1=26 Jan Van Eyck Eclipse#31 4+1+6+1+4+7+4=27

Eclipse#22 2+6+1+1+7+1=18 Fibnochi Eclipse#16 1+1+0+5+1+2+0+3=13

Eclipse#7 8+2+7+9+0+0=26 Al-Kahazin Eclipse#1 5+2+7+9+3+3=29


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Total of both head and tail=224

In other words the total sum of the dates added together for the last five heads of the Dragon is equal to 224, and if we are adding days or time together then does the number 224 have any signicants as a period of time? While there is more to this than what i found for sure, I ‘am hoping someone else will be able to add to this and expose these things or people for what they are.

From January 1st to August 12th there is a total of 224 days, the closing ceremonies of the 2012 summer Olympics were held on the 224th day of the year! What’s more is that from January 1st to August 12th, 2015 or the 224th day of the year could be written as a total of 7months 11days and here is that 7/11 again. The date of the closing ceremonies on August 12th is directly related to the Serpent! What an Abomination.

It does not come as a surprise to me when I look at the symbol of the five interlocking rings of the Olympic Games and realize what they really stand for; I believe they are sanitized versions of the Ourobours symbol, the serpent eating its own tail or you could say returning to its own vomit. The Olympic rings, in my opion reflect five out of the eight names of the Dragon that I can identify with a Solar Eclipse series, those being saros117 and 120.

And why is it not a surprise that Carl Jung is somehow connected and accredited with the five interlocking Ourobours rings otherwise known as the Olympic Rings. The best thing Carl’s family could have done with the Red Book is burnt it in fire.

And why is it not a surprise that one of the most influential people in Lauren Van Derposts life was Carl Jung. Lauren was Prince Williams’s godfather. Do you not think for a second that Lauren didn’t know!

Do you not think for a second that Rowand William’s, Richard Chartres, the pope doesn’t know.

Benjamin Creme knew back in 1982 when he predicted the coming of Maitreya or A.K.A the false Christ, the beast that was, and is not, yet is. In fact as it was written, he said on June21, 1982 “the Christ is now here” and this christ was going to address the world via television. That television address never happened because new born babies cannot talk. So the question here is did Benjamin’s evil spirit buddy lie to him about the T.V. address or was this event like everything Richard Chartres said during the wedding of William and Kate, which amounts to double talk and occult speak.

I believe it was Back in 1977 that Benjamin Crème even went on to describe the height of this maitreya which he said was 6feet 3inchs. The first question I would ask myself is who cares how tall this person is and why would you even mention it unless there is a good reason, Nevertheless Prince William grew up to be 6foot 3inches and

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was born on June21, 1982. Maybe Benjamin Crème knows what he is talking about.

At Katherine and William wedding during the sermon given by Richard Chartres which was filled with occult language, and as an example Richard started with saying be who God made you to be and you will set the world on fire which is paralleled in Rev13:13. He then went into some story about it being Saint Catherine of Siena’s feast

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day, The irony here is one of the things Catherine of Siena is known for is what is called the Mystical Marriage. In the marriage it’s said they she married Jesus Christ, And so here we have the false Christ marrying Catherine on here feast day. I would also point out that there have been a few paintings done of Catherine of Siena, and in more than one there are demonic figures in these paintings. How many people do not even know what or when the feasts of God are, yet some celebrate and know when the feast of Catherine of Siena is. What wrong with this picture? Could most people be in Babylon don’t even know it?

I believe Richard Chartres is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and there is an incredible amount of evidence to support that Prince William is the end time Antichrist, and for Mr. Chartres to include Catherine of Siena into his sermon would indicate to me there is something ungodly about here.

Case and point being Catherine of Siena’s spiritual advisor Raymond of Capua, what’s interesting here is who he was descended from. It is written that Raymond is a decedent of Pietro della Vigna whom was the chancellor and sectary to Frederick II German-Roman Emperor. I have written about Frederick II before and I cannot attach the title holy as I know it to him, and so there is a clear connection between Frederick II and Catherine via Raymond of Capua and Pietro. Why is there always a connection between the Catholic Church and the Church of England for that matter and the Red Dragon?

I would think I would be safe to say Benjamin Crème worships Lucifer and he stated back in 1982 that on the day Prince William was born on 6-21-1982 the “Christ” is now here. The Christ he was speaking of is Prince William but his true title is the end of age Antichrist or Satan’s Christ.

The Olympic Games are one of the most Satanic filled events there is, all one would need to do is a little historical research on the games and the people behind them to know the truth.

Carl Diem would be a good example

Another observation I made with regards to the Olympics is that in 1936 at summer Olympics in Nazi Germany the closing ceremonies were held on August 16 and from this date until the start of World War II on September 1, 1939 there was a total of 1111 days that eclipsed. From 900AD the birth year of Al-Kahzin the fourth head of the dragon until the 30th anniversary of the conception of Prince William around September 20 or 21st of 2011 there is a total of 1111 years. It’s worth noting here that it was either the 20th or 21st of September of 2011 that just happened to fall on the 6th working day of the 66th session of the UN!

The end of WWI happened on the 11th hour of the 11th month and the 11th day, so could history repeat its self? From the closing ceremonies on 8-12-2012 going forward in time 1111days takes you to 8-28-2015 which would also be about the end of the five month period starting March20,2015(the locust army) and if you were to use March 29th 2015 which is Palm Sunday as the date of the Abomination of desolation and the start of the 5month period it then would take you to within one day of August 28-2015.

In 2015 you have a solar eclipse on March20 and 15days latter on Passover the 4th of April there is a lunar eclipse, it is sometime between these two events that I would expect the Abomination of desolation to take place. Just to be concretive the middle of these two events would be sometime between the 27th and 28th of March, 2015 (Palm Sunday) this is also the timeframe that I would expect Rev9:5 to commence the 5month period which would take you to about the 28th of August, 2015 what’s interesting is 1111days from the closing of the Olympic ceremonies in 2012 is Augest28, 2015

Is it possible that Armageddon or WWIII may start around end of August, 2015 ?

I would say that that it’s more than a possibility.

Not that I ‘am suggesting one should use the Olympics to interpret the word of God but as an observation of history repeating its self, and that there are other forces at work on earth other than good. All one needs to do is open both their eyes to the world around them. We are constantly bombarded with overt satanic symbolism, and what used to be occult is now becoming accepted as the norm. One example is this year’s ABC fall lineup, 666 Park Avenue. People hardly blink at things like this anymore, could you imagine this show being aired in the 50’s?

Is there any Biblical merit for WWIII to start around Augest28, 2015? The first thing I would say is this is my opion based on my interpation from what I have gathered from scripture and what others have written. Based on the abomination of desolation taking place around March28, 2015 and the five month period Rev9:5 ending around Augest28, 2015 and Yom Kippur on September23, 2015 being the most likely time of the marriage super of the lamb as I have come to understand it. In Rev16 things start building up to Armageddon and in verse 15 Jesus is again warning us that he is coming as a thief in the night to those who are not watching and in the very next verse we see the gathering into Armageddon starting. I find the timing of verse 15 very interesting in that Jesus gives us this warning when he does because it fits in the time frame and context of Augest28, 2015(gathering to Armageddon) to September23, 2015 Yom Kippur( Return of Jesus) and Rev16. I know there are some that think we are supposed to know exactly when Jesus is coming back as for me the dates I have given here are my best guess or an approximation but those of us who are still here during this time we should be waiting and watching for the Lord, big time!

Is not the only way to stop the Lord from coming as a thief in the night to know when he is supposed to come and be ready?

Does the Bible use 11111 or 7/11 for prophetic

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time periods or a measurement of space? Not that I ‘am aware of anyway, but there are other forces here at work on earth and to dismiss things such as 11111 or 7/11 as insignificant would be a mistake. The truth is I don’t even know what to make of some of these numbers that keep coming up as yet; I just know the Lord has sent me on this journey.

Just from a latitude prospective if you add saros117#67(dragons head) and saros120#61(dragons tail) which is 65.90 south and 64.40 north you would get a total of 130.30 degrees between these two eclipses. And starting at the dragons head eclipse at 65.90south to London England which is at latitude of 51.30 degrees, the total of these two is 117.2 degrees (there’s 117 again) and from London 51.30 to the dragons tail eclipse on march20,2015 at a latitude of 64.40 is 13.1dergrees .

It’s almost as if you can use these two eclipses as a time line, by that I mean there is a total of 11960 days between them and if you take the total latitude degrees between them which is 130.30 and find a degrees per day or year average which turns out to be .0108……………………………………. you get this number by dividing 130.30 by 11960

So from june21, 1982 until December4, 2011 is 10758days which is equal to 117.2 degrees. I might be making this harder than it is, London’s latitude seems to correlate with prince with Prince William turning 30 and the distance from London to the march20, 2015 eclipse is 13.1 degrees. Then 13.1 degrees represents the time from December4, 2011 until the eclipse on March20, 2015. Another way to look at it is 130.30 degrees is equal to 11960 days. Jesus started his ministry when he was around 30 and was crucified when he was 33, and I find it interesting that the timing of Prince William turning 30 coincides with the northward travel of time and latitude between these two eclipses as it reaches London

If you where to draw a line from the greatest time of saros 117#67 to saros120#61 it would split England in half from bottom to top, and England is the last landmass this line goes through before the March20,2015 saros120#61 eclipse. And it is the first landmass that this eclipse casts a shadow on.

Another aspect of the March20, 2015 eclipse is the path it takes as it heads directly for the North Pole or Axis Mundi which in religion or mythology is the world center or the connection between heaven and earth as an celestial pole and geographic pole. This is the same position that Draco used to hang from, and takes place shortly after solar noon in Jerusalem; it would then make scene that at this time the Antichrist would sit in Jerusalem claiming to be God. The north Pole can be seen as a Throne as the word in Greek is derived or root is dher- “to support” also dharma – “post, sacrificial pole” or Axis mundi.

If one where to plot out on a map of the world with longitude and latitude marking the eclipses of the dragons head and tails you would find there are two that are distinctly different, those are Prince William and Jan Van Eyck. By placing a dot at the greatest eclipse of Saros117#67 and one Saros120#61 then drawing a line starting at the dragons head or saros117#67 and going to the tail Saros120#61, this one is vertical or south to north and different than the rest as it straddles either side of the imaginary Prime Meridian line. The Prime meridian is a made up line and could have been anywhere in the world but it just happens to go through England and the dragons head saros117#67 and Dragons tail saros 120#61 of Prince Williams just happens to run along the same line. Doing the same thing with Jan Van Eyck you will find his going horizontal or along the equator, and drawing a line starting with the head and going east ward as an eclipse travels toward the tail you would nearly make an entire circle around the earth, which is completely different than the others. You see this same Image of a loop or circle on Jan Van Eyck’s position on the Biscayne or serpent on the Sofranz coat of arms. I wrote on the other post about the serpent and what I believe its meaning in more detail, as disgusting as it is the man coming out of the serpent would be Prince William. I believe the loop in the serpent represents the west to east circling of the earth at the equator starting with Jan Van Eyck’s saros117#37 greatest eclipse coordinates and going east to his greatest eclipse coordinates of saros120#31.

The length of daylight on March20, 2015 in Jerusalem is 12hours 6minutes 36seconds, all these numbers are divisible by six and it is the only day in March of 2015 that it happens.

On March20, 2015 as the eclipse races to the North Pole or “throne”. God’s throne room or Holy of Holy’s was in the north side of the Temple. As I .

On the summer solstice or june21 in Jerusalem there is 14 hours 13 minutes and a few seconds of daylight, 747+666=1413. Another interesting aspect of .747 and .666 other than being September 20th (.083*9months=.747 and. 20days divided by 30days=.666) is .747+.666= 1.413 by keeping the decimal in the same place and reversing the numbers it gives you 3.141 which is Pi! Maybe this is just another coincident; sunset in Jerusalem on june21 is within seconds of 7:47PM.

It’s interesting to note the length of sun light in Jerusalem on the summer solstice seems to be connected to September 20 converted to separate decimals then added tighter as well as pi.

As I have wrote on the other posts to the fact that i do not fully understand by any means all that is going on here with these numbers that keep coming up, other than they seem to be pointing in one direction. What I do know is that it’s not by chance.

I wrote on the other post on Daneil12:11-13

I believe that the taking away and the setting up are two opposite events of two opposite people one being the Lamb of God Jesus Christ that was slain to take away the daily sacrifice once and for all and it’s through Jesus that our salvation lies and the other person who’s coming is after the workings of Satan and will cause the desolation that follows the abomination. Therefore the taking away of the daily sacrifice would be the crucifixion death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the setting up of the abomination is the conception of the Antichrist (life begins at conception).

And from the predominate of the crucifixion of Jesus on April3, 33AD until the conception of Prince William on or about September21, 1981 is 1948years 5full months 18days. Therefore it is my belief that the 1290 days in Daniel12:11 is 1948years, and the 5full month 18days is equal to June18. June18 is the 169th day of the year and in order to do the math you need to convert June18 into a decimal. June18 as a decimal is .463013 taken out six places, and now you have the answer to how long. It is 1948.463013 years between the taking away and the setup of Daniel12:11 and in order to get to the 1335 days would need to find a common denominator between Daniels 1290days and 1948.463031 years. Then by dividing 1290 days into 1948.463031 years you get a common denominator of 1.510436 and then you can multiply the common denominator by 1335 days in which 2016.432 is the answer to when the end is.

Now convert .432 back into a month and day you get June6, so to my understanding the 1335days is June6, 2016 but Jesus said the great tribulation has been shortened. I would say this period has been shortened by approximately 260days to 256days leaving the Lord Jesus Christ to return during the fall feasts of God in 2015.

In order to find the start of the 1260days would then subtract 1260days from June6, 2016 which would mean the start 1260 days is on or about December 25, 2012 which happens to be when Charlemagne and William the conquer were crowned. Then the overall 1260days will last approximately 1000 days and the period known as the great tribulation will take place between the spring and fall feasts of God or a little over 5months as in Rev9:5. Had the Great tribulation went to the full time it would have been about 432days and as with june6 being .432 you have a number that has historically connected to the sun and destruction.

The same could be said for the 1000 days as this time period can be converted to 86,400,000 seconds or 1,440,000 minutes. Jesus reins for a 1000years the antichrist gets 1000days?

So if Prince William is the False Messiah is it possible that one could gain some insight in when Jesus was born? The time period from 6-21-1982 until June6, 2016 is 33years 11months 2weeks 1day or 12404 days. If the date of April3, 33AD is accurate for the crucifixion of Jesus which I believe it is, and go back in time the same 33years 11months 2weeks 1day where would you end up. As best as I can figure it would be around April 17th of 1BC, I would have to believe this would be very close to falling inside the days of Passover. So then is it Possible Jesus was born during Passover in 1BC. The period from Yom Kippur in 2015 until June6, 2016 is 256days, as I have written both of these dates can be tied to Prince William via Daniel12:11 and the date of April3, 33AD. This time period of 256days is very interesting as from the date of April17, 1BC until December 29, 1AD is 256days. There was an eclipse on December 29, 1BC and this date has been seen as the possible eclipse of Herod’s death.

Maybe I ‘am completely off here and i know this is not the whole picture, God willing the work I have done here will help someone with their labor.

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